WLUG has meetings at 7:30pm on the 4th Monday of the month from January to November.

Should the Monday be a public holiday then we have the meeting the following evening. The 4th Tuesday of the month.

The format for the meetings is normally along these lines:

  • One, or more, presentations on a Linux or Open Source Software (OSS) related topic.
  • General Discussion. Where you may raise any issue you have with your Linux distro and hopefully we can resolve it or tell us about any OSS you're using, etc.

The meetings are held in Room MS4.G.02 at The University of Waikato, Hamilton. The room has heaters, so its quite warm during the winter months. Please see the map below.

AGM Meeting

Each year we have our Annual General Meeting. This is held on the 4th Monday of January.

Announcement of Meetings

We use the website to publish each month the topic to be presented. This website will also include the link to the Big Blue Button (BBB) video conferencing facility for on-line attendance. You need to register with to be able to view the meeting information. There is no charge to register with, but you will be subjected to their marketing e-mails about once a week.

On-Line Attendance

Most of the presentations at our meetings are now broadcast live on-line. We use the Big Blue Button (BBB) video-conferencing application that is hosted by the NZ Open Source Society. If you are unable to attend in-person to a meeting, then you are welcome to join on-line. All you need is for your computer to run a browser.

Please note:

  • Please use a set of headphones, so that if you wish to turn on your microphone and talk, then this will avoid feedback.

  • Your computer's browser application will use a lot of CPU resources in processing the video and audio. You need quite a powerful laptop. E.g. CPU 3GHz/Quad core with 8GB+ of RAM, and 1Mb/s+ internet speed. When watching a presentation then its advisable to turn off your microphone and camera to conserve resources, and turn them on as required.

  • Due to contending with audio propagation delays, the presenter will not normally be listening on headphones while presenting. Another person at the meeting will be monitoring for any questions that are asked. They will then stop the presenter and relay your question. It is often better to post your questions to the presenter in the BBB chat panel.

Video Recording of Meetings

Most meetings are recorded by the BBB application. After completing an on-line meeting the BBB application generates a video file. This is then uploaded to YouTube. You can then watch the meeting at a later date. The link to the YouTube clip is entered as a comment in the comments. Alternatively look for the video at the WLUG YouTube Channel

Location of Meetings and Parking

We normally hold the meetings in Room MS4.G.02 at The University of Waikato, in Hamilton. As the meetings are after University hours it is OK to park in the reserved parking places next the meeting room. When arriving on Hillcrest Road enter at Gate 7 and drive around behind the Law school building to get to MS4.G.02. Please refer the map.