History and General Information


In 2002 WLUG became an incorporated society and at the same time a Wiki was set up to aid Linux and Open Source enthusiasts. At the time Daniel Lawson was the president of WLUG. Daniel continues to keep the WLUG wiki running on his servers.

Feel free to take a walk back in time and browse the WLUG wiki

Creation of this WLUG Website

This website has been created using the Python based Nikola Static Site Generator. This is open source software and you may view the GitHub repository for the source code.

The source files used for Nikola to build this website reside at the WLUG repository wlug.github.io src branch, while the website html files reside in the main branch

Those with access to the WLUG repository wlug.github.io may have a local Git folder that holds a copy of the source and main website files. These files may then be edited to enhance the website and using the nokola github_deploy bash command the files on GitHub are updated.

GitHub also provide web-hosting service and this WLUG website is accessed via https://wlug.github.io.

Using a CNAME record the DNS is able to map www.wlug.org.nz to wlug.github.io. Users connecting to https://www.wlug.org.nz will be unaware that they are connected to a GitHub hosted website.

Another feature of GitHub is that using a browser a change may be made to the website source code. For example a change of phone number. Upon committing the change, GitHub will run the Nikola updating process. After a few minutes the web-site will be updated. This is done by the workflow yaml code in the src branch file .github/workflows/main.yml.