Membership of WLUG

You are welcome to join our society for the annual fee of $10. Just fill out the on-line form below.

Membership contributes to the running costs of all sorts of things that the group offer. Also, you must be a member of the society to stand for executive committee positions and to vote at General Meetings.

Membership is currently set at $10 per year for an individual. Membership currently lasts from the time of payment until the next Annual General Meeting. Pro rata subscriptions are not offered. We don’t offer a family membership per se as meetings are free and everyone is encouraged to attend, but you are welcome to make a suggested donation of $20 per year for a family.

If you are already a member, you can simply extend your membership by paying the membership via online banking.

Be aware that when you pay online, we will not be able to give you confirmation of your payment until we have checked the banks transactions report.

New Member Form

Please join and support the Waikato Linux Users Group

Your membership fee allows us:

  • to keep everyone refreshed at meetings throughout the year
  • to run the WLUG website at
  • helps to ensure WLUG breaks even and we can continue to operate.

...and entitles you to:

  • preferential access to WLUG events (where appropriate)
  • feel happy about sponsoring a good cause
  • vote at our annual general meetings

Please complete the following, and then click Send:

By completing and submiting this form you agree to the following conditions:

  1. I will abide by the charter of the Waikato Linux Users Group Incorporated (hereafter "WLUG") and accept club rulings.

  2. I absolve WLUG from any liability that may arise due to my participation in WLUG events or meetings or by using WLUG equipment, software or instructions, except as provided by law.

  3. I will pay the specified membership fee of $10.00 within 90 days of completing and signing this form.

  4. Membership, when granted, is active until the end of the current society year, which ends in December.

  5. WLUG undertakes to collect, use and store the information provided on this form according to the principles of the Privacy Act 2020. The information will be used by WLUG for statistical, funding and administration purposes within the society. You have the right to access the information held about you and to request correction.

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Thanks for registering, and now for some things you might like to do...

  • Pay your annual membership by bank transfer to:

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    • Note: Please include your name in the banks account transfer fields.

  • Register with so that you can check for information about the next meeting or get the BBB link if attending on-line.

  • Join the WLUG mailing list