Minutes of WLUG AGM 2020 - 25 January 2021


  • Rod Aldridge
  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro
  • Roger Hardy
  • Jacob Pouw-Waas
  • Peter Reutemann
  • Jeff Seymour
  • Ian Stewart
  • Tony Templer
  • Ian Young
  • Robert Beck


  • Chris O'Halloran
  • Tom Butz


The AGM commenced at 7:49 pm.

Minutes for AGM 2019

The minutes for the 25 November 2019 AGM were read.

Peter moved the minutes be accepted as a true and correct record of the meeting. Rod seconded. Unanimous vote

President's Report

Peter thanked our sponsors for 2020. These were Professor David Bainbridge, Waikato University Computer Science Dept., for providing the meeting room. RimuHosting for providing the hosting of our web-site and Daniel Lawson for providing hosting for the WLUG wiki.

Also thanked were our members Tony, Jeff and Rod, for continuing to provide the beverages and snacks at our meetings.

Also thanks to NZ Open Source society for allowing us to use the Big Blue Button website to have video conferencing during the Covid19 lock-down.

Possibly in the future we could broadcast our meetings for those that are unable to attend. Also, look into video recording of the meetings.

A variety of presentations were delivered at our 2020 meetings and topics included: LISP block chain, Wireguard VPN new-kid-on-the-block, Pine Book Pro, Android ROM flashing, virtual examination of various distros (GhostBSD, EndeavourOS, Ubuntu, Manjaro). Review of Naomi Personal Voice Assistant. An intro to LISP.

Ran GetTogether in parallel with Meetup.com. No new uptake with GetTogether. Run GetTogether for another year and evaluate. See if Meetup.com changes their pricing.

Successfully changed the date for the AGM to January and registered this with Incorporated Societies.

School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences were OK with sponsoring the room for the 2021 year. They would like us to attract more Uni students to come to WLUG meetings.

Members dropped from 12 to 11.

Peter moved that President's report be adopted and Roger agreed.

Treasurer's Report

Ian prepared and presented the Treasurer's Report. We had a small loss for the year. Our regular expenses are the continuing of our domain name registration and use of Meetup.com.

Our financial year is from 1st January to 31st December. Last AGM we agreed to change the AGM date to January so the Treasurer’s Report accurately covers transactions from 1 Jan to 31 Dec. The AGM being in January has been updated with the Incorporated Societies Register.

Ian moved the Treasurer's Report be accepted and Peter seconded. Unanimously agreed.

Election of Committee for 2021

The following Officers and Committee members were elected. There were no changes from 2020.


  • President: Peter Reutemann. Nominated by Ian, seconded by Rod. Approved by acclamation.
  • Vice President: Chris O'Halloran. Nominated by Peter, seconded by Ian. Approved by acclamation.
  • Treasurer: Tony Templer. Nominated by Ian, seconded by Peter. Approved by acclamation.
  • Secretary: Ian Stewart. Nominated by Peter, seconded by Lawrence. Approved by acclamation.


  • Jacob Pouw-Waas. Nominated by Peter, seconded by Ian. Approved by acclamation.
  • Roger Hardy. Nominated by Peter, seconded by Rod. Approved by acclamation.
  • Lawrence D’Oliverio. Nominated by Jacob, seconded by Peter. Approved by acclamation.

General Business Agenda

  1. Review moving the AGM data from current Wiki to more secure environment. Could use wlug.github.io as the website hosting of the AGM's. Lawrence and Jacob will look into making these changes.

  2. University Engagement. Promote Open Source software, particularly if its cross-platform. University students tend to exclusively using the Windows OS platform. E.g. Promote Blender and Inkscape applications, or R and Python languages.


The AGM concluded at 9:15 pm.

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