Minutes of WLUG SGM 25 March 2019


  • Peter Reutemann
  • Rod Aldridge
  • Lawrence D'Oliveiro
  • Tom Butz
  • Ian Stewart


  • Ian Young
  • John Thompson

The meeting started at 19:35


  • Amend Charter
  • Elect the Third Committee Member

Amend Charter

We inadvertently removed the Common Seal section from Rules at the SGM on 25 February 2019. Having a Common Seal is a requirement of the Incorporated Societies Act of 1908. Peter proposed that the Common Seal section be added back into the Rules. Ian seconded. Unanimously carried.

Elect the Third Committee Member

Ian proposed that Lawrence become our third committee member for 2019. Seconded by Peter. Unanimously carried.

There was no general business and the meeting closed at 19:40.

After the meeting: Peter, Tony and Ian signed off on a printout of the updated Rules for scanning and e-mailing to the Incorporated Societies processing team.

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