Special General Meeting 23/01/2017

Meeting opened at: 7:59pm


  • Peter Reutemann
  • Tony Templer
  • Chris O'Halloran
  • Lawrence D'Oliveiro
  • Rod Aldridge
  • John Thompson
  • Jeffrey Seymour
  • Ian Young
  • Ian Stewart

Election of Vice President

Chris agree to continue as Vice President. Tony proposed Chris as Vice President - John seconded.

General Discussion

  1. Wlug would like to thank those involved for the hosting of our web-site. This includes Daniel Lawson for hosting the wiki and RimuHosting of Cambridge the rest of the web-site.

  2. Update on the bank account. The authorised account administrators are now Chris and John. Additional authorised signatories are Ian and Peter. John is waiting the token from the bank to arrive in the mail. John will go to ASB to get his account working.

  3. Library. Most of the wlug library books are out of date. The agreed action was: We sift through and take any books of interest. The rest will be sent for paper recycling. In the meantime the books are at Ian's place. Contact Ian if you want to look through the remainder of the book collection.

  4. Re-Registration as an Incorporated Society. We need 5 years of bank transactions, so that we can produce financial statements for re-registering as an incorporated society. John will go to ASB and request this information.

  5. Wlug IT hardware that in recent years has been stored at Sare Cresent is not longer of any use to wlug. John will deliver this to the Electronic Waste recycler at 5 Johnson Street.

Meeting closed 20:29

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