2012 AGM - 25 February 2013 - 2nd Attempt

Held at MS4.G.02, Waikato University

Meeting opened 8.15pm


  • Bruce Kingsbury
  • Chris O'Halloran
  • Wayne Luxton
  • Elroy Liddington
  • Ian Stewart
  • Michael Ryan
  • Peter Reutemann
  • Rene Bartosh
  • Tony Templar
  • Michael McDonald


  • TomButz
  • IanYoung

Quorum achieved - 10 of 20 (assumed) Members present

Discussion on future of WLUG

Peter suggested moving to just social meetings/workshops if speakers cannot be found for meetings

Suggestion to use Google Docs for membership management was discussed.

Election of Officers

Michael moved to elect all officers based on a show of hands, Bruce seconded.

Officers for 2013 are:

  • President - Peter Reutemann
  • Vice-president - Chris O’Halloran
  • Secretary - Rene Bartosh
  • Treasurer - Tony Templar
  • General Committee #1 - Elroy Liddington
  • General Committee #2 - Ian Stewart
  • General Committee #3 - Michael Ryan
  • Sysadmin (informal role) - Chris O’Halloran

Approval of Previous Minutes

Rene moved that the minutes of the previous AGM on 12th March 2012 be approved, Elroy seconded.

Review of membership fee

Michael moved that the subscription fee remain at $20, Bruce seconded.

Treasurers Report

Will be delivered at the SGM due to personal circumstances.

Appointment of auditor

Elroy moved that no auditor be appointed for this year, Michael seconded.

Discussion on changes to WLUG Charter

Decision of re-draft the charter to reduce the quorum to 50% of members or 5 members (smaller of the two) and to reduce the committee size to 4 people was made. This to be notified to members and presented at the upcoming Special General Meeting.

Michael Ryan to investigate a full update of the charter following this.

Life Memberships

Peter moved to drop discussion on life memberships for now, Rene seconded.

General Business

Peter to check out sponsorship of meeting room with Computer Science department/arrange to book rooms for the year.

Meeting closed at 9.15pm.

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