2011 AGM Agenda - 22 March 2012

Meeting opened 7.40pm

Quorum Acheived 10 2011 paid members

Approval of 2010 AGM minutes

Chris O'Halloran moved that the minutes from the past AGM be approved. Bruce Kingsbury seconded

President's Report

Chris O'Halloran gave a verbal report outlining the clubs activities of the preceding year. This included but not limited to:

Thanks to the former committee members and farewell to John Billings and Sam Lin.

The advent of the elgg.wlug.org.nz social networking additional to the server following Peter Reutemann talk

Thanks also to Peter Reutemann and Ewen Cummings for acustomising the elgg interface.

The year started with a Debian Squeeze party and pizza

Lindsay Druett did a talk on IPV6

Tom Butz talked on https://crux.nu/ and it was interesting to see a PalmOS (or Psion) emulation.

Peter Reutemann talked about the Sheeva plug computer

Michael Doerner of TechnologyWise spoke on the SME Server project

Greg Balle talked about BitCoin, how is works and showed off his mining rig.

John Billings talked about virtualisation


  1. PeterReutemann and Jodie present GIMP
  2. A panaroma camera by John F
  3. Linux Clusters at the Uni
  4. Selfreplicating Linux distro by ChrisCummings

Later in year

  1. Chris O'Halloran talked a little about Matplotlib and Python.
  2. Ian Stewart talked about Libre Office and programming it using BASIC.

Chris O'Halloran moved to have the President's report accepted. RodAldridge seconded. Carried Unanimous

Treasurer's Report

Chris O'Halloran presented the following

The present account is $577.14

RimiHosting provided a generous donation of $250 as part of Software Freedom Day

At the meeting it became apparent that not all the costs incurred were fully accounted for, in part to the early departure of John Billings from the committee. However, nothing appeared to be exception.

Rod Aldridge moved to have the Treasurer's report accepted provisionally on the basis that it would be updated. Bruce Kingsbury seconded. Carried Unanimous

Election of Officers

(Don't forget to do CommitteeHandover this year)

Tresurer Ronnie Collinson

Chris O'Halloran moved. Tony Butz seconded. Carried unanimous

Secretary Rene Bartosh

Chris O'Halloran moved Rod Aldridge seconded Carried unanimous

Vice President Peter Reutemann

Bruce Kingsbury moved Ronnie Collinson seconded Carried unanimous

President Bruce Kingsbury

Ian Stewart moved Ronnie Collinson seconded Carried unanimous

Committee 1 Chris O'Halloran

Rod Aldridge moved Ian Stewart seconded Carried unanimous

Committee 2 Rod Aldridge

Carried unanimous

Committee 3 Ian Stewart

Carried unanimous

General Business

Discussed Life Membership

Proprose SGM for life membership since it wasn't on the AGM Agenda

Discussed membership fees and decided no change was required

Discussed http://www.wlug.org.nz being redirected to http://elgg.wlug.org.nz but decided not to.

Discussions around formats Monday evening versus Saturday morning.

Committee would meet the week after the Monday evening meetings

Meeting Closed 9pm

Followed by drinks and chat.

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